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Vanguard in innovation

We are passionate of technology and we want to take advantage of this benefit to show the public something much better than virtual reality: a unique and personalized experience.


the tool for the decoration lovers

Dekrs is a virtual decoration app, ideal for lovers of interior design. It is free and it is optimized with the latest 3D software. With Dekrs you can change the look of your home in a simple and fun way.

baboonlab services


Interactive developments

In  BaboonLab we have experience creating apps and interactive systems, totally customizables and  adapted to our clients needs. Available for every dipositive.

big data

You can organized your information in the best waywith our customizables platforms of big data and business intelligence. Design more effective and accurate strategys through analysis of the information obtained.

virtual & augmented reality 

Trust in virtual reality and augmented reality to offer a different vision of your products and services. We are experts in the development of hyperrealistic inmersive experiencies, apps adjusted to any sector. We use the latest software to get the best results.

videogames & simulators


We understand gamification  like an innovator and different concept, that motivates and wake the interest of the user,  power the brand and generate espectacular results.  Education, business field, medicine, the adaptability of the gamificaction is very high. 

multidispositive platforms 


We are specialists in creating smartphones, PC and virtual reality apps, adapted to any dispositive and platform. There is nothing more effective than an intuitive app that works in every dispositives. 

360º & arquitecture


Productions and 360º developments, rendered and infoarquitecture. We are specialists in the recreation of virtual enviroments. Residential buildings, offices, mall and any space you can think of.

why choose us? 

Increase your potential

We believe and work to take advantage of the full potential of the people involved in the process

adapt to the changes 

Explore and adopt tools and applications that develop more complex solutions


Stream your ideas and projects to your employees and clients like never before 

innovative tools

Experience and innovation, essential to achieve the best working methodology

strengthen your trust 

Increase your productivity and efficiency, being a stronger and safer business partner for your customers

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