islamic center in Ljb
1 July, 2017 by
David I. García
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islamic center in ljubljana

design and parametrization

Project of an Islamic Center in jubljana

The programm is organized into four rings: El programa está organizado en cuatro anillos: the "Ring of Light", the "Ring of Water", the "Ring of Knowledge" and the "Ring of Nature". The mosque itself is the "Ring of the light" and it is located in the southern part of the site. Beyond the walls of the mosque is created the "Ring of the Water", wich acts as a transition between the outside world and the interior of the mosque.

Skills needed

In the design of the msoque of Ljubjana, the most interesting was the parametrization of the dome, where through a series of openings, creates a play of light and shadow that gives the room a very interesting to practice the activity.

David I. García 1 July, 2017
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