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bim Materials & families

All buildings are composed of materials that are joined forming the structure of the bulding. Access to this digital information during the design phase  will allow projects to be tested in practice, and errors are solved on a computer, not on site. Designers need access to information about geometry and some performance data, but not all the details of the materials. The manufacturer can provide this information to the designer, including details in the model in advance and avoiding subsequent workflow errors.

Digital components can also advise design options and help avoid mistakes. For example, when specifying a radiator in a model, the designer can only select the radiator sizes available from that manufacturer and if it requires a particular fixation approach for a particular product, as additional elements, these can be added automatically.

what are bim families?

All the elements that we add to the BIM projects (structure, walls, ceilings, windows, doors and installations) used to create a building model are grouped into families. A family is a group of elements with a set of common properties (called parameters) and a linked graphical representation.

Elements that belong to a family may have different values ​​in some or all of their parameters, but they share the same set of parameters. 


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The involvement of BaboonLab in the AEC field allows us to have a great international presence, using the new technologies in an efficient and productive way. Trust us and increase your international export potential. Digital projects encourage collaborative work in real time from different parts of the world without cost to the client.

why is it so effective?


BIM projects need the creation of families, as architects, engineers and builders look for materials to work with in BIM libraries. The product goes directly from our library to the user's project, with a single click, and the manufacturer's catalog will be delivered including any type of specification documentation desired.