adopts bim methodology

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what benefits does bim provide?

BIM creates a better management of the main project, improving productivity elements like the reduction of work and mistakes. Arquitects rated BIM as a very effective methodology increasing productivity and the return on investment in technology, placing it as the best way to minimize the costs and time.

strategics benefits

-Design collaboration more effective and better

-Higher risk management, early identification of mistakes that may arise

-A delivery of the project more successful, reduction of conflicts and changes during the construction

-Important data within the model can improve cost estimation and building maintenance


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Begin your BIM way

BIM can be defined as a jorney, starting from a level of conceptual maturity to lay the foundations of a comprehensive facility management solution, completing the entire lifecycle of the building and helping all project stakeholders, from architects to maintenance and management of the team.

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bim analysis

In any company that wants to introduce this new methodology to complete a project, the first step is to analyze the level of BIM madurity and  determine a solid foundation. We understand BIM as a methodology that allows a reduction of the time and optimization of the costs, that is why we act focused on these concepts.


bim implementation

Starting a project with the right help sets the experience necessary to execute a coherent and more ambitious idea. We can help yo to complete a succesful implementation in the adoption process, focusing on the actual project, already done or under development, providing a simple method and tested and functional tools.

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quality guarantee 

BaboonLab offers an independent service that guarantees quality, process, integration and model. The quality of the global lifecycle of the building understood as a whole, providing the integral of the solution for the builiding's lifecycle.