Do you really want to connect with your audience? 

The arrival of new technologies has opened  an interesting way in the development of marketing tools, wich allow us to approach our customers more effectively. Current technology and trends have transformed consumer habits, wich have  shifted from passive behavior to proactive and demanding behavior. Adapting to change is fundamental, and above all, the development of a business strategy that allows us  to achieve a competitive advantage that differentiates us from others. With BaboonLab you can promote your brand in a different and innovate way, with interactive experiences of last generation. To touch, to hear and to see, suppoprting the dip and the communication to the same level.



Virtual Tour

Provide an interactive experience to your audience with our virtual walkthroughs. The user can move around the house with total freedom, changing all the elements of it, such as the color of the walls, the type of the floor, the lighting and many more options.

Seduce your target audience with this powerfull real estate sales tool. Adopt new technologies and follow the path of progress, differentiate yourself from the competition by offering an innovative product.


Digital Marketing

This technique is used to enhance the motivation user, applying game mechanics to non-ludic procedures. With this we managed to transform a boring process into something entertaining. This concept can be applied in several fields and disciplines like advertaising and marketing, medicine or education. With the gamification we managed to increase the engagement with the user, increasing the notoriety and the fidelity towards the brand.

At BaboonLab we developed this idea with virtual reality and augmented reality, generating projects of high graphic quality and interactivity. 



Transformation of the passive consumer, to a proactive user

Integration with mobile apps

Levels and rewards to reward users

Web Integration

Through software solutions for integration


User Experience

Increased motivation and reinforcement of behaviour


Business Opportunity

Technology and social trends as fundamental pillars

Work optimization

Improvement of tasks in wich there are no incentives for progress


Knowledge in first person  

The representation of spaces, directly in the students, improves the explanation and assimilation of concepts. Induced experiences eliminate certain current barriers, and provide a qualitative leap in areas where processes are difficult to visualize.

The educational applications of virtual reality and augmented reality are a very positive complement in the methods of learning, in adittion, the knowledge in first person generates a great motivation in the student. 


Improvement of work processes

The adoption of new technologies in the methodology oof work allows a reduction of the time and an increase of the productivity of the worker. The use of the augemented reailty, in manfacturing processes, has shown improvement in areas such as repair and maintenance machinery.


HUD & UI Integrations

We create HUD / UI for unique projects and customer needs. We include all 2D elements, software development and inttegration. We solve problems while offering new and better user experiences with HUD that combine seamlessly with your projects. Clear and intuitive.