La realidad virtual y la realidad aumentada forman parte de las nuevas tecnologías


New technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality give us another vision to create, share and show our products and services 

BaboonLab services

New technologies 

Una experiencia virtual única de marketing inmobiliario

Virtual Reality

Inmersives experiences

Power your brand with a unique virtual experience. At BaboonLab we are experts in the development of virtual reality apps that can adapt to any sector. Do not hesitate and immerse yourself in the new virtual stage. Compatibility with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift o Samsung Gear.

La realidad aumentada en el marketing inmobiliario nos ayuda a presentar los edificios de una nueva forma

Augmented Reality

Creativity and new content 

Interact with your audience in a different and innovative way. Augmented reality is a very effective technology when it comes to show your products as they are and provide quality content. Adaptability to any sector.

La realidad mixta potencia las ventas en el sector inmobiliario

Mixed Reality

Union make force

The best inmersive experience is in your hand. Combine the two realities and bring value to your content with this new technology. The advertising and marketing like you've never seen before.

¡ Do not hesitate and live the new experience !

      Diseños 3D para el sector inmobiliario

      3D Design

      High quality and detail

      Our team of experts modelers works with the latest 3D software to get the best results. We use programs like 3DMax Studio, ZBrush o Maya. Modeling, rigging, animation and rendering are iin your hands thanks to our fast and versatile techniques. 

      Vidoejuegos y gamificación para el sector inmobiliario

      Videogames development


      From concept, the visual development of the elements, the characters, the enviroments, to 3D artistic modeling, fill them with animation and the implementation in the video game engine. We are specalist creating games and inmersive experiencies in virtual reality,  as well as other platforms such as smartphones, PC or console. 

      Aplicaciones móviles diseñadas y adaptadas al sector inmobiliario

      Mobile app development

      Android, iOS, Windows Phone

      Development of smartphones applications that adapt to your specific needs: business apps, apps and games based on geolocation, and others that help raise your products and your company to a new level. With a custom app there is no limit that can not be achieved.

      Modelado 3D

      Organic & inorganic

      The first stage of the process is the 3D modeling of the elements 


      Videogame engine

      The next step is the integration of themodels in the videogame engine


      Adapting the models

      It is important to optimize projects to work correctly on devices


      Smartphone, Tablet, PC & VR

      Adaptability on any platform and device


      Customizable Services 

      Inmerse yourself in the new virtual world. At BaboonLab we are specialist in 3D development  and their integration in videogames engines. We can create any object and form that you can think of, guaranteeing the highest quality and detail.

      New ways to communicate, to show your products, to reach your audience in a different and innovative way. Call us and we will inform you of all our services.

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